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Blue Skye Construction

Blue Skye Construction LLC. is an award-winning construction and development firm in Washington D.C. Our company is a D.C. government certified contractor. Our services include general contracting, construction management, property management, and consulting services.

Blue Skye Construction strives to deliver high quality construction to our clients. We are a CBE Company with more than 10 years’ experience in the business.

Blue Skye Construction is owned and operated by long time Washington D.C. residents with deep roots in the community. The Blue Skye team recognizes the importance of being involved in and providing value to the D.C. communities in which we work. We invite you to tour our website to learn more about Blue Skye Construction LLC. For questions regarding our services, or to discuss the specifics of your development project, please visit our contact page, or call 202.332.1125.

Services We Provide

Offering subcontractors, financial management, purchasing & scheduling of all materials & trades.

Offering construction management, design-build/finance and preconstruction services.

Our property management division oversees property daily operations and maintenance.

Providing innovative techniques that reinforce and reframe the available opportunities.

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Hayes Street 1

Hayes Street

The Hayes Street Apartment project was a complete interior gut of 28,500...
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DCPS (1)

DCPS Facility

The DCPS Facility Repair and Maintenance Services project included providing construction
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Facility Repair

Blue Skye Construction provided maintenance and facility repair services at various District...
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Hope & Home 1

Hope and Home Inc.

Hope and Home was an interior rehabilitation project. The scope of work...
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Blue Skye Development and Construction has worked as the primary construction contracting firm on a range of
government, residential and commercial projects in the Washington DC Metro area.