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Community Impact

Blue Skye Construction, LLC maintains strong relationships with community stakeholders including vocational training programs at Cardozo Senior High School and Booker T. Washington Public Charter School. We also have significant experience with academic, recreational, and community facilities as well as residential projects located in urban settings. The longstanding relationships we have developed with the local subcontracting market allows us to continue to exceed the subcontracting CBE/LSDBE participation goals in many of our public and private contracts.

Blue Skye Construction has a long history of working in the community across the City in conjunction with and outside of our construction projects. We collectively exceed the DC resident hiring requirements for our DC projects as well as exceed the percentage requirement of engagement of CBE & LSDBE firms through our efforts to initiate, develop, and maintain strong working relationships with these firms on our projects. Blue Skye Construction is very proud of its efforts to engage DC residents with employment opportunities on DC government issued projects such as the Kalorama Park

Playground (Ward 1), Mitchell Park (Ward 2), Volta Park (Ward 3), Rosedale Recreation Center (Ward 8), Bald Eagle Recreation Center (Ward 8), and the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Library (Ward 8) as well as private projects like the Park 7 Apartments (Ward 7), Matthews Memorial Apartments (Ward 8), Tewkesbury Condominiums (Ward 4), and Hayes Street Apartments (Ward 7).